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Saeed Jones on "enslaved ancestors"
I’ve seen the names of my enslaved ancestors - descendents of people who had to endure a forced march from the Carolina coast to western Tennessee - listed as inventory alongside cows and molasses. That history lives in me. It is not a debate topic (More)
An MPR Podcast: "'I've never told anyone': Stories of life in Indian boarding schools"
A young girl prays at her bedside at a boarding school. A new book by an Ojibwe author tells the stories life for American In (More)
on the 56 anniversary of the terrorist bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL
In memory of the bombing.... They were found together. Two were so close their limbs touched. Sunday dresses tattered. Bodies shattered. Lives taken by killers for whom they didn't matter. They did and they do. Never forget Denise, Carole, Cynthia (More)
Kevin M. Kruse's on Medgar Evers historical timeline
As many have noted, today marks the 55th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Medgar Evers. While he officially died in the early hours of June 12, 1963, Evers' death is better understood as the final act of the amazing day befo (More)
A rural Arkansas town confronts its buried history of mass killings of black Americans
This is the lead in The Guardian's article entitled "Arkansas: tree honoring 1919 Elaine Massacre victims cut down": Officia (More)
Learning about Japanese American internment camps
I don’t usually post reflections in this blog; however, the St. Cloud Times’ article about the Smithsonian exhibit on Japanese Americans that I blogged about the other day got me to thinking about a personal memory—as has the continuing crisis at our (More)
Why a Smithsonian exhibit on Japanese-Americans and World War II is coming to Stearns
The article title appearing on today's St. Cloud Times is "Smithsonian exhibit details an 'injustice': Display tells stories of Japanese Americans' Internment," and the lead describes the personal history of Sally Sudo, now an Edina resident. ST. (More)
Pitts on U.S. racial history articles
Leonard Pitts, Jr., who writes a regular opinion column for the Miami Herald, tweeted about two published pieces yesterday — one his own piece and the other an interesting New York Times' piece. Here are both tweets, which include links to the articl (More)
The 1619 project
The Washington Post begins "The 1619 Project and the far-right fear of history" with this lead: In the summer of 1619, two warships manned by English privateers raided a Portuguese vessel the pirates hoped was brimming with gold. Instead, they f (More)
"The Hopefulness and Hopelessness of 1619"
The Atlantic explores the historical significance of 1619  in "The Hopefulness and Hopelessness of 1619: Marking the 400-year African American struggle to survive and to be free of racism" (More)
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