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Ann Coulter and immigration
Ann Coulter believes the left has 'lost its mind'. Should we listen? The bestselling author has been criticized for dog-whistling to the far right. Now she’s taking aim at the left – can progressives learn anything from their sworn enemy? by More)
Is Europe a sanctuary
https://www.facebook.com/198560474895/posts/10158171576259896/ https://mondediplo.com/2017/05/21Europe (More)
migration in spotlight
https://www.neweurope.eu/article/juncker-puts-migration-in-spotlight-ahead-of-annual-state-of-the-union-speech/ https://www.facebook.com/111051292072/posts/10155571793102073/ (More)
Daily Mail and Paris immigrants
Daily Mail removes 'Powder Keg Paris' report after complaints Article claimed 300,000 ‘illegal migrants’ were living in crime-ridden suburb of Saint-Denis More)
Nationalism and Migration
https://www.facebook.com/ZeitimBild/videos/10156120137996878/ (More)
REFUGEES AND FORCED IMMIGRATION '18 International Interdisciplinary Conference on Refugee and Forced Immigration OCTOBER 12, 2018 Istanbul, Turkey WE REMIND YOU that the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE HAS BEEN POSTPONED to 17th of AUGUST!!! Al (More)
RE-EUROPEIZING EUROPE http://almudenas.website/index.php/2018/04/18/re-europeizing-europe/ In the scholar arena of political studies (More)
Welcome To The Country With The Biggest Crush On America February 24, 20183:51 PM ET   )
dreamers and wall
NPR Poll: 2 In 3 Support Legal Status For DREAMers; Majority Oppose Building A Wall February 6, 20185:00 AM ET )
the wall
Former Agent Says, 'Border Patrol Does Good Work ... But There's Tension There' February 6, 20184:57 AM ET  )
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