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My final paper
Disability Draft 2-18psdzv Here is a copy of my word document containing my final paper on Disability Rights.  If you have questions or comments, pl (More)
The problems with Autistic "treatment"
The standard "treatment" for autism is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).  Therapists and parents work with the child rewarding behavior that is desired and ignoring or rewarding stopping behavior that is unwanted.   Sounds good, right?  Sounds like (More)
Challenging Autism myths
http://www.kizoa.com/Movie-Video-Slideshow-Maker/d103471333kP431112639o1l1/autism-myths   Part of the disability rights movement is to ch (More)
When you want to donate to an organization that supports the disabled
http://autistictimestwo.blogspot.com/2016/02/charity-that-harms.html Check out this blog for what to look for when you want to donate your money to help a charity o (More)
Autistic Hoya: Disabled people are not your feel-good back-pats.
Disabled people are not your charity projects. Disabled people are not your community service. Disabled people are not your emotional commodity. Got that? Good. Source: More)
Autism Awareness Month
April is Autism Awareness month. In keeping with the Disability Rights Model, nothing about us, without us! The common thing people do to rais (More)
Games useful in dealing with disability
Author finds games useful in dealing with disability and level the playing field with able-bodied people. New Morquio A social game builds community. Source: Games useful in de (More)
Social Media and Social Credit: Should we use it less?
Do you wonder what data is being collected about you and why? Do you think it is merely to get you to  buy stuff? It might not be that simple..... Have you heard of the concept of social credit? Essentially, it refers to a score, like a credit sco (More)
Sociological Research
Two days ago, the New York Times asked "What if Sociologists Had as Much Influence as Economists?"  https://nyti.ms/2m9wN9S In it they talk about how complex social problems faced by the United States are not (More)
Disability Representations on Television
I have previously written about how the disability rights movement is outspoken about the problems with representation in media.  The piece I am linking to today highlights two new series, one a comedy and one a drama, that are breaking the mold of t (More)
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