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Inserting Media in D2L Brightspace's HTML Editor
There are plenty of options when you work in your course to create a file and edit it in the HTML editor. When you go to a specific content module you have created in your course, for example Week 1 (under Materials > Content > "Week 1") you ge (More)
D2L Brightspace Tools Terminology Changes in Effect
Just a reminder, two days ago, D2L Brigthspace has switched the terminology of several tools. Below is a list and a name change example. Make sure to let your students know that they will be submitting their papers in "Assignments" now, not Dropbox. (More)
MediaSpace to D2L Brightspace: Step by Step Instructions
Mediaspace is a nifty solution for using multimedia in your in class or online courses. It is very easy to put stuff from your media to (More)
Creating Video Content Topic in D2L
Having a variety of instructional materials is encouraged in your classes. It is easy to put videos on topics (More)
D2L issues: Time Limit Exceeded in No Time Limit quiz
There was an issue reported with the 10.5.4. version of D2L as the students see a “Time Limit Exceeded” messa (More)
D2L Brightspace upgrade tomorrow
D2L Brightspace is going to be upgraded to version 10.5.3 on Tuesday the 17th from 4:00am to 8:00am. So, whats new? Here is our another (More)
D2L and MnSCU Collaboration Conference: 2016 MN IGNITE
MnSCU and Brightspace by D2L invite you to join them at the annual MN IGNITE 2016 conference on April 15, 2016, from 7:45 AM–3:50 PM (Cent (More)
D2L Q&A - Reset Survey Attempts
Our team recommends the MnSCU D2L Brightspace Service Desk. You can always find small details you wer (More)
D2L Q&A: Quicklink to a Discussion Forum
Q: How can I quicklink to a discussion forum in a D2L Brightspace course? A: It is possible to quick (More)
D2L Q&A: Understanding Quiz Question Statistics
Here is another useful tip for instructors on how to get the statistics on their quiz questions. Q: Wh (More)
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