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Education 2.0 Vs Education 3.0
Techweek: Hybrid (Blended) and Distributive Learning
Monday From F2F to distant learning: how does it happen?... Tuesday MOOC: what, how and why?... http://blog.stcloudstate.edu/ims/2013/09/27/spoc-swarm-and-mooc/ (More)
16 Ways Teachers Use Pinterest
16 Ways Teachers Use Pinterest http://www.educators (More)
literature on online teaching
A former SCSU faculty asked me to help her with literature regarding online learning; she is applying to teach complete online somewhere in the South. Hey Plamen, Do you have any reading suggestions regarding teaching online? I am applying for a j (More)
trends in technology for educators
Campus Technology, a leading periodical in the use of technology in education, lists for consideration the 2014 technology trends for education: More)
free web-conferencing tool: Stoodle
Stoodle is a web application which allows you, without any download or registration, to create a quick classroom space. By sharing the URL of the classroom y (More)
10 Major Mobile Learning Trends to Watch For
Location-based integration. More)
conferences and related events regarding technology in education
Looking to attend and/or present at appropriate event regarding technology in education? Please have a tentative list below. Do you know an event, which is worth presenting/attending? Please contribute! by Barry Dahl (Greg Jorgensen) - link to a (More)
Media4Math+: iPAD apps for math
nSpire: iPAD app for math: evaluation http://www.media4mathplus.com/Assets.aspx?search=nspire%20app (More)
What is the difference between education and training?
per LinkedIn discussion: http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers (More)
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