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Technology for Teaching & Learning Workshop Feb. 28 - Mar. 1
Unleash Amazing Using Instructional Technology Tools  Wednesday, Feb. (More)
T4TL Feb. 14 & 15 Workshop
Engage Your Learners: Using Soft Chalk, Library Widgets, and Media Space Wednesday, Feb. 14 from noon- 1 in CH 106 OR Thursday, Feb 15 from 3:30 - 4:30 in CH (More)
FREE MOQI Webinars
The Minnesota Online Quality Initiative (MOQI) is offering free webinars throughout s (More)
T4TL Workshop Series
UNLEASH the AMAZING...YOU! Institutional Repository Upload-a-Thon! The second session of the T4TL workshop series will be held in Centennial Hall 106 on Wedne (More)
MOQI Webinars for Spring Semester 2018
Are you looking for professional development opportunities without needing to leave your office? MOQI  (More)
Some Highlights of the November 28th MR3 Update
Just a few highlights from the update. Some are new features, others are fixes to issues experienced by on-campus users. - HTML Accessibility Checker. (new feature) An accessibility checker is now available within the HTML Editor for use with (More)
Recap of MOQI Webinar Learning Objectives: What, Why, Where & How
What was updated in the post: Added Webinar Summary and Bloom's Taxonomy Action Verbs handout (click Webinar Summary for document). Awesome webinar provided yesterday through MOQI. Beth McMahon and Robin O'Callaghan presented on Learning Objec (More)
Reminder MOQI Webinar Tomorrow - Learning Objectives: What, Why, Where & How
       Wednesday, October 4, 2017 MOQI Webinar: Learning Objectives: What, Why, Where & How Well-written learning objectives establish the foundatio (More)
FREE MOQI Professional Development Webinars
Would you like to learn something new or refresh what you already know? MOQI is providing a great opportunity for FREE professional development webinars. Sign up for one or all of the (More)
Web Writing for Online Courses - Upcoming Webinar
Image credit: https://cceevents.umn.edu/minnesota-elearning-summit T (More)
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