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best storage devices... locally and in the "cloud"
The advent of the CLOUD and the industry and our personal orientation to save pict (More)
learning spaces w without technology
Transforming Learning Spaces With (or Without) Technology: 7 Questions With Robert Dillon By More)
student privacy
Report: Tech Companies Are Spying on Children Through Devices and Software Used in Classroom By More)
students technology employment
Technology Use Boosts Students’ Confidence in Their Job Prospects [#Infographic] Graduating seniors believe the technology skills they’ve acquired in college will help them start their careers. by More)
How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies
This is a topic I have posted before either on here or the Facebook page, and I found an article that shows an interesting side and some statistics. I am looking in the effects of "screen time" for children. I have a 9 year old brother that has been (More)
digital badges and micro credentials
per Tom Hergert (thank you) AECT-OTP Webinar: Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials for the Workplace Time: Mar 27, 2017 1:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Learn how to implement digital badges in learning environments. Digital badges and micro (More)
facebook live
4 Ways to Broadcast on Facebook Live That Fit Any Budget By October 10, 2016 More)
technology courses for educators
курсове по технологии за преподаватели Курс 1. Въведение в образователни технологии Прогнози за образователни технологии: http://blog.stcloudstate.edu/ims/2016/01/27/4710/ описание (More)
Google AI
Google Researchers Create AI That Builds Its Own Encryption BY TOM BRANT OCTOBER 28, 2016 04:45PM EST More)
technology integration matrix
technology integration matrix for teachers http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2014/05/a-great-new-technology-integration.html (More)
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