YouTube Copyright School

This informational video provided by YouTube includes do’s and don’t’s of copyright. It highlights important information in a short amount of time that would be helpful to anyone interested in publishing content to the Internet.

Before The Flood

I included “Before The Flood”, a documentary on climate change by Leonardo DiCaprio, in my discussion about storytelling this week. If you have not seen it, I suggest everyone take a couple hours out of one of their days to watch how DiCaprio uses the tool of a film to tell an engaging story and educate on the topic of climate change and living choices like food consumption. This is one form of a presentation that has the potential to catch attention and reach people all across the world. I’ve included a link to the trailer that shows how the film uses visuals and interviews to dig deep into the global issue.


I used Kizoa to make this short collage about climate change. While I feel as thought the idea behind Kizoa is creative and the tool itself is user-friendly, it would not be my first choice. There are many other great tools that could give me the more modern and clean theme I prefer when creating visuals. Nonetheless, it is always interesting to learn and use new tools for creation.

Air Pollution and Social Media

Continuing to explore the environmental issue topic of pollution, a study from Ohio State University made the connection between air pollution and social media. The researchers looked at how social media activists affect the issue in general and how corporations benefit from online activism. The study was focused on China and it made me wonder what the results of the same research would look like in America.