January 14

Library Widgets for D2L Brightspace

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Our dear librarians have developed beautiful widgets that you can just add to your course page on D2L. It is very easy to find it: on the library homepage, under Find a Research Guide> By Subject/Topic choose Widgets for D2L Brightspace from the drop down list. You can see it on the screenshot below:

Library homepage Find a Research GuideThen, they give you a wide range of samples to choose from, depending on the course you teach. Further there are several documents that further explain how to add a widget you choose, and the embedded codes for specific widgets. The widgets give direct access to databases.

Library Widgets examplesYou can access the step by step description of how to add a widget to your D2L course here.

Big thanks to Cindy Gruwell and Melissa Prescott for developing this and making it available for our faculty and students.

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