May 17

Creating Video Content Topic in D2L

MnSCU D2L Brightspace Service Desk

Having a variety of instructional materials is encouraged in your classes. It is easy to put videos on topics related to your class in your D2L Brightspace course shell. Here is a reminder how to do it (Click here for the full post with pictures).
Instructors can create a HTML content topic and insert an embedded video, or create a Quicklink content topic to a video URL.
Video topics are listed in modules with a RNT/assets/images/a1594_video_file_icon.jpg Video icon to distinguish them from other types of files and link topics.
– To create a video content topic, click New in a content module, then select Video or Audio from the drop-down menu.
– Two options: Upload: You can create your video using Mediaspace where you would use the embed code.
Web Video or Audio: paste URL in the field and after the video loads click save.

Note: Any web video can be used to create a video topic simply by pasting its HTML embed code in the Enter URL or Embed Code field. Additionally, D2L Brightspace provides shortcuts for some web sites, enabling users to create videos by simply copying and pasting the URL of the video instead of the HTML embed code.

The following table lists supported sites that were selected based on the most frequently used videos by D2L Brightspace clients today.

 Video Source  URL Support  Embed Code Support  Extract Title Support  Extract Author Support
 YouTube  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Vimeo  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 D2L Capture*  No**  Yes  No  No
 Dailymotion  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Discovery  No  Yes  Yes  No
 Howcast  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Influxis  No  Yes  No  No
 Khan Academy  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
 MIT  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 National Geographic  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 SchoolTube  Yes  Yes  Yes***  No
 ScienceStage  No  Yes  Yes  No
 ScreenCast  No  Yes  No  No
 TeacherTube  Yes  Yes  No  No
 TED  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Adobe TV  No  Yes  No  No