plan first meeting

Hybrid Online Faculty Support Group, November 16, 2016


  • Please share your emails and similar electronic contact info
  • Figure out what we are doing
    • Hybrid
    • Online
  • Figure out how often to meet
  • Figure out what is needed
    • Technology
    • Methodology / pedagogy
    • Students’ preparation for hybrid and online classes


  • Today’s TakeAway

Rework syllabus

  • Learning objectives
  • Outline
  • Goals and benchmarks, expectations are clearly stated. Explain the value of the course
  • Multimedia for your content
  • Practice activities / group work / knowledge checks



Possible topics for next time meeting (please select):

  • How to set up group exercises
  • How to keep up students’ interest in online course
  • Easy and fast use of multimedia (audio, video)
  • Quality Matters
  • D2L Content structure
  • Adobe Connect applications
  • Social Media for robust online presence

2 thoughts on “plan first meeting

  1. Hi everybody,
    It was great that we were able to meet today, and talking about online teaching at SCSU. Hopefully, the motivation continues to grow as we move forward with learning more from each other about this important topic – online teaching, and learning.
    Giovanni A.

  2. Hi All,
    Great first meeting for the group. I’m really looking for two things. First, techniques to improve student/faculty and student/student interaction in online classes. The second thing I’m interested in is applications to provide more variety in learning activities and instruction on how to make them ‘work.’

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