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History Medieval turning points
Medieval turning points (More)
VR haptic on-demand controller
+++++++++++++++ more on haptic devices in this IMS blog (More)
Oculus Quest 2 +++++++++++ (More)
apps for student engagement Looking for different w (More)
Harvard EdCast: Online Learning
Harvard EdCast: Making Online Learning Work Create opportunities online for students to connect with each other as part of the school day.  Keep lines of commu (More)
Musk's brain-computer startup
Elon Musk's brain-computer startup is getting ready to blow your mind Musk reckons his brain-computer interface could one day help humans merge with AI, record their memories, or download their consciousness. Could he be right? More)
South Korea will launch 6G trials in 2026 with 1TBps speeds and 1/10th latency of 5G from r (More)
digital accessibility e-pub format: ++++++++++++ more on accessibility in this IMS blog (More)
gaming and elearning
++++++++++++++ more on gaming in this IMS blog (More)
office in VR The pandemic is driving inter (More)
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