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how to create merge cube objects
ready-to-go resources for merge cube: apps for merge cube: +++++++++++++++++++ https (More)
VR haptic on-demand controller
+++++++++++++++ more on haptic devices in this IMS blog (More)
Oculus Quest 2 +++++++++++ (More)
apps for student engagement Looking for different w (More)
HaptX Exoskeleton Force (More)
Harvard EdCast: Online Learning
Harvard EdCast: Making Online Learning Work Create opportunities online for students to connect with each other as part of the school day.  Keep lines of commu (More)
competencies of digital citizenship The five competencies of digital citizenship Inclusive: I a (More)
Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News +++++++++++++++ more on fake news in this IMS blog (More)
Beulr attending Zoom Beulr is a bot that attends Zoom class on your behalf. Beulr will join your Zoom meetings through a web browser on the cloud, displaying yo (More)
Immersive Technology Standards   (More)
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