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mental health gen z millennials
Half of millennials and 75% of Gen Zers have left their job for mental health reasons PUBLISHED FRI, OCT 11 201910:43 AM EDTUPDATED TUE, OCT 15 201911:24 AM EDT Todd Wasserman More)
Teaching the MTV learner
My note: 17 years after, and several generations after (Millennials, Gen Z) the observations still hold Singer, M. (2002, February 13). Teaching the MTV Learner. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from More)
digitally native need computer help
The Smartphone Generation Needs Computer Help Young people may be expert social-media and smartphone users, but many lack the digital skills they need for today’s jobs. How can we set them up for success? More)
age for the first smart phone Nov 21, 2017, Cla (More)
Gen Z and social media
Under Employers' Gaze, Gen Z Is Biting Its Tongue On Social Media April 13, 20195:00 AM ET )
Gen Z and the workforce
Gen Z is coming to your office. Get ready to adapt Janet Adamy, Sept 6, 2018 (More)
Library Technology Conference 2018
Plamen Miltenoff and Mark Gill presentation: #LTC2018 #VRlib - join us for a discussion More)
Identity Politics New Tribalism and the Crisis of Democracy
Fukuyama, F. (2018). Against Identity Politics: The New Tribalism and the Crisis of Democracy. Foreign Affairs, 97(5), 90–114. Retrieved from (More)
apprenticeships not degrees
Survey: Adults think apprenticeships, not degrees, will raise employability  Aug. 13, 2018 62% think apprenticeships and other on-the-job training programs m (More)
In memoriam: Avicii
Avicii Bergling took his name from the Buddhist term for hell, avīci (More)
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