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Honoring Indigenous People’s Day 2020
I’m an SCSU graduate student, a Graduate Assistant, and the English Department blog and social media manager. I am also a 5th and 6th grade English and Social teacher at a local elementary school.  More)
Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News +++++++++++++++ more on fake news in this IMS blog (More)
Koch brothers and higher ed
Koch Foundation and Others Fund ASU's Higher Ed 'Redesign' Paul Fain September 8, 2020 More)
Webster during COVID-19
Ok friends. Let’s address the elephant in the room. And by “elephant,” I mean “COVID-19.” Everyone knows about it. Everyone’s talking about it. But, I haven’t seen anyone talk about how different campus looks right now. I walked around Webster (More)
free digital tools for students engagement
15 Free Digital Tools to Boost Students’ Engagement Online A review of digital tools and ideas for teachers to support formative assessment in online classrooms More)
New faculty directions for St. Cloud’s teaching license program
Since 2018, the English Department’s new English Education professor, Dr. Michael Dando, has been mobilizing teaching license students with his cultur (More)
Shield vs Mask
What is better: face shield or face mask? faculty discussion on the issue can be found here: https://www.faceboo (More)
hybrid in the fall of 2020
the HyFlex model for the fall... reflects a rift between administrators and professors, who are raising alarms over the health risks of teaching in person, and about the logistical, technical, and pedagogical complications of the model itself. Search (More)
depersonalization of teaching (More)
models for learning fall 2020
which one fits your teaching? Working on a MAJOR article for @techlearning now examining many different models schools are proposing for the fall. Made this little graphic to a (More)
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