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The Hamilton cast's second video on voting for Biden/Harris
Wear a Mask—A "Be Our Guest" Parody
This parody has popped up all over social media. Enjoy! (More)
death and disappearance on social media: a draft in/on grief
I'm never sure which should go first when writing about death and disappearance--the facts or the eulogy. I don't mean to be needlessly dark or unintentionally callous when skirting the edge of a sensitive and real topic. Throughout the semester, (More)
a follow up to "on internet politics" in the wake of the 9/28 presidential debate
The CNN analyst in the fresh post-debate shook me out of my stupor, talking about the white supremacist celebration online when Trump didn't denounce them but instead requested they "stand by." (CNN published an More)
Trump in a rally in Duluth, MN, Wednesday night—rallying his base
New tone— Jennifer Taub (@jentaub) October 1, 2020 (More)
Rat on Twitter, "Pearls Before Swine"
Pitts commenting on Miranda's process of writing "My Shot"
This is a great clip for creators (any art form) and for those who like understanding the thought behind the art. Reminds me of what I constantly preach to my writing students: every word, comma and semicolon has to be intentional, has to serve a pur (More)
A July 4th Sculpture
The winning sand sculpture of the Texas Sand Sculpture Festival. 👏👏👏— Rose Ficke (@roseficke) More)
Threat against Ilhan Omar leads to Twitter Ban
In case you haven't heard, here's the lead of an November 30th article from NBC News: Ilhan Omar's opponent banned from Twitter after suggesting congresswoman should be hanged "Violent rhetoric inevitably leads to violent threats, and ultimately, (More)
Another real view of copyright
I think you know this example from COLL 110. Here's the lead of Leonard Pitts' open letter to Chris Cecil about his ongoing plagiarism of Pitts' columns: Dear Chris Cecil: Here's how you write a newspaper column. First, you find a topic (More)
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