Paige’s Experience in India, Journal Entry 4

This summer, COSE’s Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Department has sent two SCSU students, Paige Ehalt and  Pratiksh Patel, to India. The students are completing an internship at JK Cement Company. The internships were arranged through the JKLU-SCSU Internship Exchange program, a partnership between SCSU and a university in India. The partnership creates internship abroad opportunities for students from both institutions. We are tracking the students’ progress here on the COSE International Programs blog. Check back periodically to hear more about their experiences abroad.

Paige’s Experience in India, Journal Entry 4:

We just completed our fourth and  final week of training at JK Lakshmi Cement. This last week, we visited the DCS room, which stands for Distributed Control System. We learned how the system is connected using networks for communication and monitoring of the entire plant.

We also learned about SAP, which stands for Software Application Programming. SAP is how the company places maintenance orders for different types of plant maintenance and material management.

Next, we learned about the engineering projects done at JKLC. This department of the company deals with replacement of components or machines, as well as creating and managing upcoming projects.

The last department we visited was WHR, which is the Waste Heat Recovery system for the plant. We learned how they used titration to determine the concentration of a substance in a sample.

Our last remaining days were focused on wrapping up our final report and presentation for JKLU. Finally, Friday morning we departed for the university. We spent the day on a train, which was actually more comfortable than I was expecting. The cabin was air conditioned and had beds to lay down.


Our cabin on the train

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