Peter’s Experience in India, Journal Entry 3

This summer, St. Cloud State University’s College of Science & Engineering has sent two SCSU students, Ali Almanasif and  Peter Ojambo, to India. The students are completing an internship at JK Lakshmi  Cement Company. The internships were arranged through the JKLU-SCSU Internship Exchange program, a partnership between SCSU and a university in India. The partnership creates internship abroad opportunities for students from both institutions. We are tracking the students’ progress here on the COSE International Programs blog. Check back periodically to hear more about their experiences abroad.

Peter’s Experience in India, Journal Entry 3:

We have become fairly comfortable with our home away from home and the people have become fairly comfortable with us.

If I’m not mistaken JK Lakshmi Cement has roughly 2000 employees and that means we get to see a new face every day. It has been difficult remembering people’s names and putting people’s faces with their names, but somehow, we’ve managed.  Some of the kids that I have met in the colony say I look like Chris Gayle, a famous cricket player.  A funny thing happened the other day; I was asked to take a picture with a guy I didn’t know, which made me wonder if I did actually looked like Chris Gayle.  After work we went home and decided to Google Chris Gayle and I have to say – there are some similarities. I was more than happy to take a picture with my new buddy and smiled as best as I could.

Peter 9

Making a new friend










In addition to all the education we have been getting about the company, we also had an opportunity to explore the highest building on company grounds.  Words cannot describe how incredible it was, we were utterly blown away.  We’ve been spending a lot of time getting into the nitty-gritty of the machinery, so when we got a chance to go to the top of this building, we all of a sudden wanted to know how the whole place was designed.

Remember that heat I talked about before?  At the top, the wind felt amazing, which really complimented the view. Of course, we also asked if we could have dinner at the top of the building.  We are not sure if our wish will be granted, but the experience will be a blast!

Peter 10

On top of the world


Peter 11

A majestic view


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