Peter’s Experience in India, Journal Entry 5

This summer, St. Cloud State University’s College of Science & Engineering has sent two SCSU students, Ali Almanasif and  Peter Ojambo, to India. The students are completing an internship at JK Lakshmi  Cement Company. The internships were arranged through the JKLU-SCSU Internship Exchange program, a partnership between SCSU and a university in India. The partnership creates internship abroad opportunities for students from both institutions. We are tracking the students’ progress here on the COSE International Programs blog. Check back periodically to hear more about their experiences abroad.

Peter’s Experience in India, Journal Entry 5:

To end our journey in India we returned to where everything all started. We returned to JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) to present what we had learned to a few professors and roughly one hundred students. The presentation went great and served as another learning experience; but the professors did not make it easy on us.










They asked a few questions in regards to our new found knowledge at JK Lakshmi Cement. We answered the questions as best as we could and got some feedback following our conversation. The professors at JKLU really care for their students. That care was seen through the questions they asked of us and the advice that was given to us. Leaving the presentation, I came out having learned that no matter how great you become at something you will always face challenges. Those challenges will make you better or completely take you out of the game, depending on how you react to them. The challenges we face in our daily life are there to make us the best that we can be: the best engineer, chef, or whatever else we are currently pursuing to be.

Saying goodbye is something I struggle with. Sometimes I just hate it. Leaving JKLC was sad and joyful at the same time. We were finally leaving our home away from home and the great people we met during our stay. With the realization that I was going back home, I was so excited to get back and see my family and friends so that I could tell them about my experience in India. I was also sad to be leaving my other family, the people that made me feel welcomed in a place that was so foreign to me. They made me feel like their own son. I’ll miss the food but the thing that I will miss the most are the people.

Never having been to a foreign country before, the people I encountered made the experience something memorable. Leaving India, I felt so appreciative for every single person that crossed my path because each and every one of them allowed me to learn something new. Learning from the people of India is something that will help me become a better engineer, and most importantly, a better person. I’m hoping I impacted the people that I encountered in the same way that they did for me. I will miss playing basketball and football (soccer) with my group of friends.  Much will be missed about India; I hope to go back some day.

Peter 17

Our Basketball Court

Peter 18

Our Football Field


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