COSE Welcomes Students from JK Lakshmipat University for Internship Exchange Program

JKLU and Ben

JKLU Students Yash Khandelwal, Jaswant Nagauri, Rajat Kochar, and Deepika Mehta with Dr. Ben Baliga of the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering.

For the first time this summer, the College of Science & Engineering (COSE) is working in partnership with JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) to support an international internship exchange program.  In June 2014, COSE welcomes a group of four students from JKLU.  In July 2014, JKLU will host two St. Cloud State University students on their campus.  Both sets of students will participate in campus events and cultural programming that is similar to traditional study abroad programs.  However, what makes this program unique is the internship component.

The JKLU students are currently completing their internship at the Electrolux manufacturing facility in St. Cloud.  Yash Khandelwal and Jaswant Nagauri are engineering students who are working directly under the facility’s plant manager.  Rajat Kochar and Deepika Mehta are MBA students who are working in the facility’s business office.  Electrolux is an excellent partner for this pilot year because they possess a large manufacturing facility with diverse training opportunities that is just minutes from St. Cloud State’s campus.

Yash Khandelwal says, “This program is certainly an awesome experience.  Getting to learn about the new culture, meeting with lots of people around here, and the different kinds of experiential learning activities have brought my mind into a different state, made me enthusiastic, and built a newly driven confidence within me.”

JKLU is a university located in Jaipur, India that focuses its curriculum on business and engineering programs.  The university possesses a close relationship with the JK Organisation, a collection of highly prominent businesses headquartered in India.  Paige Ehalt and Pratiksh Patel, the COSE Mechanical Engineering students, will spend a week on campus in Jaipur before moving on to their internship with the JK Cement Company at a nearby manufacturing facility.  JKLU is an ideal partner for this type of program due to their strong industrial ties.

Once the COSE students land in India, we will be closely tracking their progress on this site.  So stay tuned for more information related to the internship exchange!