Nicole Woodward receives MASE’s 2020 New Special Education Leader Award

The Minnesota Administrators for Special Education (MASE) has named Nicole Woodward, who earned a degree in Educational Administration and Leadership from St. Cloud State University in 2017, the recipient of the 2020 New Special Education Leader Award. Woodward received this award for her commitment to students with disabilities and their families and her active involvement in professional and community affairs.

Woodward has been the Director of Special Education of the St. Croix River Education District (SCRED) since 2015. Her previous positions at SCRED include School Psychologist and Unique Learners Manager. Woodward is knowledgeable in all areas of special education, from due process regulations to creating unique programming for the most challenging student cases.

The annual award is given annually to a new leader who exhibits the leadership excellence required to be effective in challenging times. These skills include: a willingness to risk, an ability to collaborate, skills in listening and communicating, and a broad understanding of the educational system. Further, this award is given to a new leader who has displayed the MASE mission of shaping policies and practices which impact the quality of education for students with disabilities.

Here is the link to the award info:

Congratulations Nicole, we are proud of you.

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