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December 15, 2019
by Judith Kilborn

Implicit Bias in Schools

In our remix, we cover the struggles students of color receive from implicit biases in school and school police. We talk about how the disparities of African American boys getting suspended and expelled can affect a child in the long run. We also show footage of unnecessary police force on these children. This remix was fun to make and find information about because we learned a lot on the topic and see it as a problem that needs to be fixed.

Beau Milbrett
Diego Ludke
Justin Ombui
Khalid Mohamed

November 20, 2019
by Judith Kilborn

Sample Remixes

Here are some remixes that student groups gave me permission to share (and that are publicly available on YouTube). The later examples provide the students’ paragraphs of introduction:

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Our group, composed of four women, worked together to show the differences in how men and women are treated while working. This video uses Disney clips, news articles, and very powerful facts to show gender inequality in the workplace. Learning from the past will help us strive for a better future, and thats what needs to happen.

Racism in the Media

In our video remix we show racism in the media. We show clips of racist acts or saying caught in the news. It is a concerning and growing issue today. As technology has advanced this issue has become more public. We want people to be aware of this problem and make sure the people around us do not make the same mistake as the people in these videos. Everyone is equally a person, no matter their skin color or what they believe in.

Blue Lives Matter

Our video is about the controversy about Blue Lives Matter. We show a series of videos of police officers getting shot and how quickly these situations can happen. We honor the fallen officers in providing images of them that can be found on Fallen Officer Memorial Fund website. Because this is such a controversal topic, we are more showing the situations that caused Blue Lives Matter to form and go public versus arguing this is the correct side to be on. ENJOY 🙂

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