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Date: Thursday, April 25, 2013 2:39 PM
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Subject: Outputs from MOOCs and Libraries meeting


I’m writing to you again, as promised, to let you know that ALL of the outputs from our MOOCs and Libraries meeting are now available online. You may have already seen the announcement below, but just in case this escaped your attention, I am sending it to you, directly. I hope you will use and share!

“MOOCs and Libraries: Massive Opportunity or Overwhelming Challenge?” Event Summarized in Series of Six Hangingtogether Blog Posts


The 18-19 March “MOOCs and Libraries: Massive Opportunity or Overwhelming Challenge?” event featured thoughtful and provocative presentations about how libraries are already getting involved with MOOCs, and engaged attendees in discussions about strategic opportunities and challenges going forward. OCLC Research Senior Program Officer Merrilee Proffitt helped to organize the event and has posted a series of six blog posts on the OCLC Research blog, Hangingtogether, that recap presentation highlights and summarize its outcomes.

These blog posts include:

  1. MOOCs and Libraries: Introduction;
  2. MOOCs and Libraries: Copyright, Licensing, Open Access
  3. MOOCs and Libraries: Production and Pedagogy
  4. MOOCs and Libraries: New Opportunities for Librarians
  5. MOOCs and Libraries: Who Are the Masses? A View of the Audience
  6. MOOCs and Libraries: Next Steps?

In addition, a MOOCs and Libraries video playlist that comprises 11 videos of the event sessions is available on the MOOCs and Libraries event page, and on the OCLC Research YouTube Channel. Links to the presenters’ slides, the next steps document (.pdf: 124K/1 pp.), the MOOCs online poll responses (.pdf: 67K/2 pp.), and the #mooclib archived tweets pdf: 639K/32 pp.) from this event are also available on the MOOCs and Libraries event page.

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2 Comments on MOOCs in the libraries

  1. Plamen Miltenoff
    April 26, 2013 at 5:03 pm (8 years ago)

    MOOCs and Megatrends

    Carol Engler – PRO
    I think the low MOOC completion rate issue is built on a paradigm that all of us are learners headed for a degree. Some people just love to learn and love to sample. Recent research from Stanford divides learners into groups…some formal,learners, some informal.

    Yes, MOOCs are the wave of the future. I see us moving into what I call One World Education…the walls coming down on education, and bricks and mortars universities expanding their boundaries to include all kinds of learners…not just those going for degrees.

    Academia and the MOOC sponsored by NJEDge … more here …

    Linda Harasim – AGAINST
    The only way that MOOCs are transformative is that they reduce the number of professors teaching and replace teachers with pretty crappy AI software. What in the world is exciting in a course that registers 100,000 students, of whom 95% drop out.

    MOOCs are crude and are concerned only with efficiency and mechanizing teaching by getting rid of profs and instructors. I am astounded by profs who are excited by this new disruptive technology: MOOCs are massive mechanized ineffective didactics.

    It is replacing public education with a for-profit model.

    Like Phillip I too believe and hope that they are not the future! They are a 19th century “invention”. As one of the pioneers of online education who envisioned the online education future as a knowledge community, I really feel appalled at how many profs express delight in the factory approach to learning.

  2. Plamen Miltenoff
    May 4, 2013 at 4:43 pm (7 years ago)

    Moocs and k12 Cloud: Privacy regulations and Risk Management by Stephen Downes
    Sent 3 hours ago


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