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Qustion: Can I embed video into D2L discussion posts (ie. a youtube video)? questions and answers


When trying to embed video into a D2L discussion, it breaks with a 500 error.
upon examination of the embed code, the protocol is missing from the source.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>  Note the src=”//www…..

SOLUTION: In order to successfully embed a video you’ll need to alter that bit of code to be http://www…..  or https://www….
Reported  this to the MnSCU D2L team, as the embed preview works.

Roll over content from previous D2L course to recent D2L course


Can you please share directions on how to import D2L items from a course last year into this fall’s D2L course.

questions and answers

Login into your recent D2L course (the one you would to roll over content TO)

Click Edit Course

Click on Import/Export/Copy Components

Leave default Copy radiobutton selected and press Start

Scroll down to “Copy the selected course components from”

and scroll down the list of available D2L courses from your past (Select Offering)

From the selected course, taught in the past, choose the components, which you like to copy to your recent course. You can select all or only specific components. scroll down and click Continue when done


complete the process by following directions on the screen


alternatives to MERLOT (a repository for learning objects)

I was asked for alternative sites to MERLOT ( after I shared my dissatisfaction with MERLOT high prices, e.g., cost for registration.

Here is what I have, pls feel free to add more, Plamen

I looked for somebody to work with me on Sophia when it started in 2012 (since, differently from Merlot, it is a social tool), but there was no interest on campus:




Here is more:

I met him and talked to him in Grand Forks about 10 years ago: