On social media, privacy, etc.

Twitter, Rape and Privacy on Social Media – The Cut


Three thoughtful and thought-provoking essays about teaching social media use:

“Why students should not be required to publicly participate online” online at http://prpost.wordpress.com/2010/04/25/why-students-should-not-be-required-to-publicly-participate-online/

“Notes on Student Privacy and Online Pedagogy” online at http://joshhonn.com/?p=65

“Why the Loon does not assign public social-media use” online at http://gavialib.com/2014/02/why-the-loon-does-not-assign-public-social-media-use/

I don’t necessarily advocate the point of view expressed in these posts, but I do think they merit both attention and discussion in a course focused on social media.

Keith Ewing

Professor, Library Systems & Digital Projects



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