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SCSU students are given the narrow choice of MN e-Folio.
Since it is a MnSCU supported service, few students are exposed to additional information about the possibility of using LinkedIn as an electronic portfolio, and, respectively, tool for finding employment.  An increasing number of SCSU students circumvent even the LinkedIn possibility and search for jobs using Twitter. Here is an article, which reflects a tendency, I have been observing for the past 2 years.

Be Twitter-savvy in your job search

To increase your chances of getting the attention of a recruiter on Twitter, follow these three tips:

  1. Be strategic about your bio.
  2. Be relevant (and use discretion)
  3. Engage with the recruiter you followed.

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  1. Plamen Miltenoff
    September 19, 2014 at 7:17 pm (6 years ago)

    Seven challenges to creating a Twitter bio

    It’s a little bit challenging when it comes to a Twitter description. Here’s why.

    1. You only get 160 characters.
    2. If you’re on Twitter, your bio will appear in the search results when people search for your name.
    3. You are destined to be predictable, not outstanding.
    4. People might think you’re a fraud.
    5. Even if you try to be funny, you might not be.
    6. Being creative is tough.
    7. Being self-promoting is tougher.
    The 7 ingredients of a compelling Twitter bio
    1. It’s accurate. Tell what you really do or are.
    2. It’s exciting. Make it sound cool. Because it is.
    3. It’s targeted. Attract people like yourself.
    4. It’s flattering. Tell about your accomplishments.
    5. It’s humanizing. Prove that you’re legit.
    6. It’s intriguing. Invite people to follow you.
    7. It’s connected. Use hashtags, @s, or links.

    You don’t have to fill all 160 characters.
    You don’t have to feel bad talking about yourself. That’s sort of the idea of a bio.
    You don’t have to follow conventions.
    You don’t have to use descriptors. You can use sentences.


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