how to post on social media (and process big information flow)

Behind the Scenes: How I Post on Social Media

Following me on social media means that you are drinking from a fire hose. I subscribe to the “more is more” philosophy of social-media—meaning that I share approximately ten to fifty posts everyday to provide a constant flow of information, analysis, education, and assistance to my followers.

Method 1: I use a service called MyAlltop, which is a personalized subset of, a collection of over 1,500 topics containing more than 30,000 RSS feeds. My MyAlltop web page contains the last five stories from websites and blogs of organizations

I read MyAlltop and other Alltop pages with my Moto X phone, Nexus 7 tablet, or Nexus 10 tablet. Most of the time I’m accessing it while reading in bed or on a stationary bike because I find selecting material to share an enjoyable and easy task.

When I see a headline that interests me, I click through and scan the full story. If I like the story, I launch the Share menu item in Chrome and share it to a Tumblr blog called Help a Socialist Out (HASO) with only three clicks and no typing. I also use a utility called Andmade to further enhance Android’s sharing ability. Sorry iOS users, but I cannot tell you how to do this. I’ve tried to make this happen with iOS 8, and I just can’t do it.



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