ed technology developments and predictions

Ed technology developments and predictions



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  1. Keith
    January 2, 2015 at 9:45 pm (6 years ago)

    The table is not about what technologies any institution or academic library should be adopting by any particular year. The table presents a prediction based on the current state of technology at the time of the forecast about maturity of a technology and its potential for adoption. Actual adoption of any technology needs to be determined on an institution-by-institution examination of its needs in fulfilling its mission. As such, the table can be a guide, but it does not allow us to “compare where we were supposed to be (what we missed), where we should be right now.” Some technologies, such as MOOCs, are important for a select few types of course and institutions. Some, such as learning analytics (particularly predictive analytics) require large institutional investments (SCSU has been poking a toe into this pool for about seven years for admissions and retention, and we’re just at the threshold of “learning analytics”–and we’re ahead of many universities) and game-based learning and gamification require time, programming, content, and design to develop and maintain–and it’s rarely applicable across the curriculum. And this doesn’t begin to address the ethical issues surrounding some of these technologies (such as potentially invasive data collection for learning or performance analytics).


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