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when Latinos and African Americans go online from home they are most likely doing so via a handheld device.

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  1. Plamen Miltenoff
    November 5, 2015 at 8:11 pm (5 years ago)

    [BLEND-ONLINE] 1-2 bullet points about mobile learning
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    Thanks, Doug. This is what I ended up using:

    • 86% of adults ages 18-29 have a smartphone[1] – students are capable of accessing educational content, activities, and services from anywhere and at any time
    • Generation Z is one that has only ever known constant WiFi connectivity, who don’t know a world before Google or smartphones – leaders need to bridge the technology gap between K-12 and higher ed[2]
    • Given the pervasive use of mobile devices on campus, mobile learning is already happening yet there is no deliberate attempt to guide its use or measure its impact. Students’ mobile learning practices would be more focused and intentional with continuous support and targeted training for faculty, students and staff. “Even though students recognize mobile devices’ value for academic work, they still look to institutions and instructors for opportunities and encouragement to use them that way.”[3]
    I appreciate this teaching/learning/sharing community very much. Thanks to all for your input.


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    Sorry to opine so late. For us the key issue is that students already live in a mobile mindset. In fact, they are the first true mobile natives hitting our institutions. They do not want – they expect that there are mobile services – for everything. This paradigm shift has caught us entirely unprepared. Vendors are racing to catch up – notably in our space the advent of Blackboard Ultra that is not ready for prime time; Institutions are wholly unprepared as we neither have the technical expertise and tools, but more importantly very few faculty have a sound understanding of the pedagogical shift mobile represents and finally our wireless infrastructure while robust for traditional traffic, is weak and unprepared for the jump in usage this will create on campus.

    We have one bullet point here at SCCC: Mobile is upon us, it is disrupting the academy and we need an institutional mandate to match student expectations before they go elsewhere.

    I would love to see continued discussion – and encourage others to join the Mobile list as well.



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    I have to provide 1-2 bullet points to our provost about the impact of mobile learning to higher education. The data and research is a bit overwhelming to synthesize and cite something, so I am seeing what you all might say if you had to do the same for your provost. I do not need to describe it but just talk about the impact of it and reference any evidence.


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