developmental advising

developmental advising

Fielstein and Lammers (1992) list requisites for developmental advising:
1. To improve study skills
2. To plan courses of study
3. To improve interpersonal skills
4. To understand their own values
5. To explore career options

O’Banion’s (1972) key elements of academic advising:

1. Exploration of life goals
2. Exploration of vocational goals
3. Program choice
4. Course choice
5. Scheduling courses

Creamer and Creamer (1994) offer a conceptual framework for developmental advisors:

1. Setting career and life goals
2. Building self-insight and esteem
3. Broadening interests
4. Establishing meaningful interpersonal relationships
5. Clarifying personal values and styles of life,
6. Enhancing critical thinking and reasoning

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