STEM Star Wars Kahoot gamification learning

Kahoot presents Star Wars-based quizzes for different disciplines

An excellent opportunity to gamify your classes.

If you are not a Kahoot user yet, please consider: a) the Kahoots (quizzes) can be an excellent conversation starter (vs. assessment tool) b) the Kahoots can be modified to your liking (you can change the content)

here some screen-sharing capture to get a taste of the excitement:




1 Comment on STEM Star Wars Kahoot gamification learning

  1. Imo E.
    April 10, 2019 at 4:45 am (2 years ago)

    Gamification seems to be an incredibly effective way of engaging learners with the desired subject matter. I have found that one of the biggest obstacles I face when struggling to learn new material is a lack of motivation. Additionally, this lack of motivation does not always coincide with a lack of interest in the subject matter itself, instead with a lack of motivation to even interact with material that can sometimes seem daunting. What I like about the gamification principle is how it uses aspects usually associated with games, such as competitiveness, to make the learning process an innately exhilarating experience.


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