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Technology Instruction week: Digital Initiatives

technology instruction sessions for Spring 2014 on SCSU campus available

A Microsoft Word document with the list of technology instructions sessions for spring 2015 on the SCSU campus is available for download:

The list is a copy of the sessions retrieved from the MnSCU database:

The database is searchable and also allows you to register for any of the available instruction sessions and workshops.

If you have proposals and/or requests for instruction sessions and workshops, which are not reflected in the list, please feel welcome to contact us:

Twitter: @techinstruc |

Python as the programming language at SCSU


From: [] On Behalf Of Rysavy, Sr. Del Marie
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 12:50 PM
Subject: [SCSU-announce] course in programming for beginners

Our beginning programming course, CNA 267, is now using Python as the programming language.  Students learn to work with decision and loop control structures, variables, lists (arrays) and procedures, etc.  Python is becoming one of the most widely-accepted languages for business professionals and scientists.
Please inform your students (who need to learn programming) of this course.  It is being offered during spring semester, as well as next fall.

Sr. Del Marie Rysavy

ECC 254

CSIT Department

telephone: 308-4929

Digital Identity and Digital Citizenship

5 Excellent Videos to Teach Your Students about Digital Citizenship ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


Ramspott’s blog entry best written for my personal taste, but here is a long list of additional and similar opinions:

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Teach Digital Citizenship with … Minecraft

In the summer, there was an article about physics professor using Minecraft, but that’s not new because an MIT physics professor was using rap in the down of podcasting to teach physics and then another one later on was using Second Life. All of them gone by now…

From: Ewing, M Keith
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 4:43 PM
Subject: Eric Stoller on Digital Identity

A couple of interesting links to comments by Eric Stoller on “digital identity” – which he defines as “made up of their online interactions and exchanges.”

Character Clearinghouse – Interview with Eric Stoller, 2013 Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values, Keynote Speaker

Digital Identity Keynote at Curry College (full video is about 63 minutes; includes transcript of the Twitter stream about his talk)

Eric might make a good speaker to students (and faculty) …

my (Plamen) note: Keith’s email and his suggestions for readings, e.g.

connects with “contemplative computing” and Turkle’s disconnect, so I am entering as tags

MnSCU System Office: D2L QA will be unavailable on Wednesday, September 11, 2013


MnSCU System Office:
D2L testing environment will be unavailable on Wednesday, September 11, 2013

D2L QA ( will be unavailable on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 for a full refresh.

Any work that has been performed in QA since the last refresh (June 18, 2013) will be overwritten by the course data and files that exist in D2L Production as of September 11.

Status will be posted at

For more information please contact

MnSCU System Office: D2L Reserved Downtimes for 2014


MnSCU System Office:
D2L Reserved Downtimes for 2014


2014.  The schedule is available on the MnSCU IMS website at


These are the reserved downtimes for D2L software updates, and for maintenance to the hardware and software that support the D2L system.  Note that these times are simply reserved, and are only used if necessary.  Please consider these potential periods of unavailability when planning your usage of the D2L system.


When a reserved time needs to be used, an email announcement is sent to campuses prior to the downtime.  The message is sent to D2L Campus Site Administrators and D2L Campus Trainers.  Campus Site Admins at each campus are responsible for notifying users at their schools.  Downtimes are also posted at the D2L Status Web Page at


By reserving these times, and notifying users in advance, we hope to minimize the impact of the times when D2L is unavailable due to maintenance and upgrades.  On occasion, we need to extend a downtime, or take an unscheduled downtime when a critical update is needed.  As much as possible, we work within the framework of the reserved downtime schedule.


WEEKLY RESERVED D2L DOWNTIMES – D2L Hardware and Server Software Maintenance

All Tuesdays 5 AM-7 AM  (reserved—used only when necessary)

All Sundays 5 AM-9 AM    (reserved—used only when necessary)



Typically first Friday of the month with the exception of MnSCU or D2L Canada holiday weekends.


Calendar Year 2014:

Jan 3-4, 2014                (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Feb 7-8, 2014                (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Mar 7-8, 2014                (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Apr 4-5, 2014                (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

May 2-3, 2014               (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

May 30-31, 2014†         (10 PM Fri-10 PM Sat) (24 hours)

July 11-12, 2014            (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Aug 8-9, 2014               (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Sept 5-6, 2014               (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Oct 3-4, 2014                 (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Nov 7-8, 2014                (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Dec 5-6, 2014                (10 PM Fri-10 AM Sat)

Jan 2-3, 2015 †              (10 PM Fri-10 PM Sat) (24 hours)


†  The reserved downtime for a major software upgrade may need to be extended beyond the designated 24 hours.  When a major D2L software upgrade is released in early spring, we typically upgrade after spring semester.  We reserve additional dates between fall and spring semester (Dec, Jan) to provide options for later software releases.

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