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Berlin museums

#conspiracytheories #Qanon

More than 60 artefacts at Berlin museums damaged with mysterious stain

Dozens of artifacts vandalized in three Berlin museums

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how to create merge cube objects

ready-to-go resources for merge cube:

apps for merge cube:


Merge cube, the basics”

to create merge cube content in, an paid add-on is needed.

Scan object with Qlone, upload as OBJ file ($29.99) and merge cube it with the object uploader app:

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apps for student engagement

Looking for different ways for students to share their knowledge. I’ve done Jamboard, Google Slides, Discussion posts, padlet…I just want something different and am not able to come up with any great ideas here. Anyone come up with anything else fun or interesting? This is for an asynchronous course.


Google Slides jambor




Adobe Spark




Pear Deck

Near Pod



AR on the windshield

Forget AR glasses. Augmented reality is headed to your windshield from r/gadgets

a U.K.-based company called Envisics, believes that he’s found the perfect use case for real-life augmented reality holograms.

However, the biggest reason in-car AR could succeed is this: It solves a problem that actually exists. AR headsets could wind up being the biggest thing since the smartphone.

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