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bitly vs

Bitly vs.

Bitly – Pros & Cons
Pro – If you create a free account you can customize your shortened URLs so that they spell words or at least have initials and numbers that are related to an event.

Con –  A few years ago Bitly removed the option to create QR codes while also shortening URLs. So if you need a QR code to go with your shortened URL, you might want to try – Pros & Cons
Pro – is available in your Google Account. You can create shortened URLs and QR codes at the same time in

Con – doesn’t let you customize the shortened URL that is generated for you. You’re stuck with the randomly generated characters that are given to you.

more on link shorteners in this IMS blog

5 Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

5 Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

#1: Engage on Instagram from Your Browser
third-party Instagram extension for Chrome. This extension allows you to engage on Instagram without going to your phone or to the website.

#2: Add GIFs to Social Media Updates
Giphy’s extension

#3: Customize Saved Links
extension and bookmarklet

#4: Schedule Content for Publishing
Buffer as one of the apps to integrate with Zapier

#5: Analyze Twitter Profiles
Riffle impressive list of integrations—15 platforms in