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China’s first ‘fully homegrown’ web browser found to be Google Chrome clone

The startup’s founder has said that while Redcore is based on Google Chrome, it includes important independent innovations

China’s first ‘fully homegrown’ web browser found to be Google Chrome clone from technology


switching OS

Are you considering switching an operating system (OS)?
Do you have an old computer (hardware), but you don’t want to through it out yet (environment)?
These and other questions discussed as comments to the following article:

I can’t afford to upgrade my Vista PC. What can I do?

Firefox is about to stop supporting Windows Vista and websites are not working. Is there a cheap or preferably free solution?

selected comments under the article (practical, funny, for pundits and novices):

Ujjwal Dey Fedora is nice but it’s for more experienced users. Setting it up for everyday use is no rocket science, but still requires a bit of work with bash or whatever shell Fedora provides these days. For easy migration Mint is the best IMO.

Fraser McCabe Maybe Linux Mint or Manjaro.
If you want to test them first, you can create a bootable USB thumb drive first
Ubuntu is ideal for older machines. I run Kali and Lubuntu on an old P4 for basic pen tests and VM. I use Tor and Private VPN. No probs. Slow compared to modern systems. Yet functional. I have a lot of old Machines that I collect for Free to network and simulate environments to penetrate with virtual emulators. Works perfectly fine.
The article doesn’t mention the excellent Microsoft Office alternative – Libre Office.
It’s completely free, comes ready-installed with Ubuntu Linux, and in most cases can read and write to Microsoft Office format documents.
(there’s also a version of Libre Office that runs on Windows – again, an excellent free alternative)
Easiest way is to install a pirate version of Win 7 for free, then you buy a Win 7 activation key on Ebay for like $5. Where there’s a will, there’s a way 👌👌
Buy a second hand laptop from somewhere like CeX for about £60 with Windows 7 or 10 installed, assuming you can afford that.
Stop using Firefox. Switch to Chrome or Internet Explorer.
I’ve been “off the line” for years now. My advice: read a bloody book!
Blame Brexit

Faster Web is Here: HTTP/2

HTTP/2 standard has been finalized, paving the way for a faster Web


HTTP/2 will enable faster page loads, it is binary instead of textual (more efficient and less error-prone), it is fully multiplexed (to improve network performance), uses header compression and ‘Server Push’ (to reduce overhead).

Google has announced its plans to adopt HTTP/2 for Chrome and we also know that Microsoft’s Project Spartan has built-in support for the new standard.

If you are a web developer you can already test HTTP/2 in Firefox and Chrome with a few downloadable test servers. More information on that can be found here.


Google Chrome issues with D2L

Per MnSCU System Office:

Update on D2L issues in Chrome browser:

Chrome 32 has resolved the issue with miniature-sized frames inside some D2L tools.

Chrome 32 has introduced a new issue with D2L at screens that bring up a separate window with a list of options, such as “Insert Quicklinks”. After a lengthy wait time, a blank window displays in the pop-up and does not populate with information.

D2L has identified this as a browser bug that Google Chrome intends to fix in version 33, but preliminary testing of the current beta version of Chrome 33 shows that the issue still exists.

D2L recommends using a different browser until Google Chrome has a release that resolves this issue.

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Google Chrome issues with D2L discussion: Scroll window is small and have to scroll down to see all the posts

Customer was having problems with D2L in Google Chrome. Client was not able to see discussion posts in D2L. However, it seems to be fine in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Scroll window is small and have to scroll down to see all the posts


This is a known issue with Chrome.

To display the full discussion screen, simply grab the vertical frame divider (click and drag it) and move it a little.  The rest of the screen will sort itself out.

Here’s a short screen recording about this issue which shows the workarounds in action: