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Constructivism: Lecture and project-based learning

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 28th June 2014

The blog entry title initially was: Constructivism: Lecture versus project-based learning Actually, the article is about both lecture and group work finding a niche in the complex process of teaching and learning. Excellent points, ideas and discussion in and under a recently published article: Anyone Still Listening? Educators Consider Killing the Lecture “Professors do […]

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bibliography list of peer-reviewed literature on “flipped classroom”

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 28th October 2013

list of peer reviewed literature on “flipped classroom” Findlay-Thompson, S., & Mombourquette, P. (2013). EVALUATION OF A FLIPPED CLASSROOM IN AN UNDERGRADUATE BUSINESS COURSE. Global Conference On Business & Finance Proceedings, 8(2), 138-145. Davies, R., Dean, D., & Ball, N. (2013). Flipping the classroom and instructional technology integration in a college-level information systems spreadsheet […]

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10 Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 20th October 2013

from Edutopia:  What’s Inside the PDF? Keep It Real with Authentic Products Don’t Overlook Soft Skills Learn from Big Thinkers Use Formative Strategies to Keep Projects on Track Gather Feedback — Fast Focus on Teamwork Track Progress with Digital Tools Grow Your Audience Do-It-Yourself Professional Development Assess Better Together BONUS TIP: How to Assemble Your […]

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