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GoConqr Online Learning Report


Some of the most outstanding findings we found in this report are:

• Despite the prevalence of social networking, online study tends to be a solitary activity: 79% of people choose not to study collaboratively when they are online.

• Students are using online platforms as an additional source to help with difficult subjects Students from non-native English speaking countries are more likely to use online tools for language learning than native English speakers are.

• Learning is lower down the list of priorities for users of mobile devices. Using mobile devices for education is quite low compared to other activities

• There is a strong trend towards visually engaging material , an area in which the offline world simply cannot compete with the online one

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CRS aka clickers to SCSU TPR

Classroom Response Systems, AKA clickers

Report to SCSU TPR

Plamen Miltenoff,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

  1. The work, findings and recommendations of the faculty task force of April 2013:
    further documents from the interviewing process:
    other related information on the interviewing and selection process of CRS vendors:


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  1. Additional information on polling tools:

digital games in the classroom

Report Finds Teachers Underutilize Resources for Digital Games in the Classroom

Certain types of games are favored over others, and that duration plays a key part. “Teachers tend to use shorter form games that could be finished in a class period or just a few minutes. Because developers realize that teachers can fit a shorter form game into a classroom period, they’re going to make those games.”

games used in the classroom

Social Media Management Tools, Channel Dashboards, Crowdfunding / Crowdspeaking platforms

Social Media Management Tools, Channel Dashboards, Crowdfunding / Crowdspeaking platforms

(report to social media committee)

June 17, 2014

  1. With a myriad of social channels to manage and monitor, you either need to have several staff members devoted to social media or software to take care of your social media management needs. All the better if you have both.

So how do you decide which dashboard is right for your business? Look for these five key features.

  1. Social Media Management Tools, Channel Dashboards, Crowdfunding / Crowdspeaking platforms, Social Media Marketing software, social media marketing automation,
  2. Social Media Dashboard benefits to look for:

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools: beyond Hootsuite and TweetDeck

Products to consider (per IMS blog entry):

  1. Hi-end
    1. HootSuite
    2. Buffer
    3. SproutSocial


  2. Low end
    1. GrabinBox