Reading Reflection #1: Critical Thinking

Asking the Right Questions (ARQ) Chapter 1:

  1. The first value of a person who is a critical thinker are creativity because you have to use your imagination to brainstorm ideas that do work or they don’t work out. The second value is open-mindedness because you have to be open minded to all of these suggestions and ideas from other sources. The third value is Motivation because you need to be motivate to think. The fourth value is to be positive because being positive helps you to become motivate to think. The last value as a critical thinker is commitment because you have to be very committed to learn more about the topic. The theme that we suggest in class is the creativity that leads to brainstorms.
  2. The difference between strong sense and weak sense of critical thinking are strong sense has critical questions to all claims including yourself and weak sense is defending your present beliefs. Strong sense in critical thinking is more difficult because you have to apply critical questions to all claims including yourself and weak sense is defending yourself and not apply it to all claims with critical questions.
  3. An argument in class means that you have to have claims in order to make your point valid to the topic that you are arguing. The book definition of argument is   “An exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one.” – Google. The book definition argument is different than we argue with friends and/or families because the book is about claims and evidences all the time to prove a point where, we argue with friends and/or family, we don’t use evidences and claims that often to prove a point. Sometimes they listen to you.
  4. Our minds can’t remember every knowledge there is in the world so, we stumble to find the right answers to the questions even about human behavior and society.

Why Questioning?


  1. When I was younger in elementary school, I’ve asked so many questions because I was a curious kid back then. Then people said that I was annoying for asking so many questions that didn’t make any sense. Asking questions has made me the annoying kid in school and the kid that was weird. I don’t like asking questions anymore in front of people because of those insults.
  2. Children now are saying insults like annoying or weird to the kids that have curious thoughts in their minds. These insults bring their self esteem down so much that they don’t want to engaged with learning anymore.  Some people that like asking questions are brave to overcome the insults and are very curious to know more about the topic. Asking questions is a good habit to do  because it allows you to know more and understand it more than any other people that don’t ask questions like me.
  3. As a college student asking questions means that they are curious and needs help on something that is important. Sometimes Asking the basic questions makes them annoying also in some people perspectives.  Asking questions in the future will help you understand more about the specific topic and also help other people answer their questions if they can’t speak up for themselves.

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