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Beulr attending Zoom Beulr is a bot that attends Zoom class on your behalf. Beulr will join your Zoom meetings through a web browser on the cloud, displaying yo (More)
Musk's brain-computer startup
Elon Musk's brain-computer startup is getting ready to blow your mind Musk reckons his brain-computer interface could one day help humans merge with AI, record their memories, or download their consciousness. Could he be right? More)
deepfake Putin
Deepfake Putin is here to warn Americans about their self-inflicted doom. AI-generated synthetic media is being used in a political ad campa (More)
ethics and arts against digital apocalypse
To stop a tech apocalypse we need ethics and the arts from r/philosophy More)
Fascism (More)
digital ethics
O’Brien, J. (2020). Digital Ethics in Higher Education: 2020. Educause Review.
AI and ed research
Got a new open access article out on the ways AI is embedding in education research. Well-funded precision education experts and learning engineers aim to collect psychodata, brain data and biodata as evidence of the embodied substrates of learning (More)
China AI and math China's Race For AI Dominance Depends On Math | F (More)
women and immersive technologies
"Why now could be a good time for women to pursue a career in #AI" More)
free classes More)
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