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HaptX Exoskeleton Force (More)
Immersive Technology Standards   (More)
office in VR The pandemic is driving inter (More)
Facebook Aria Ray-Bans smart glasses
Facebook’s first ‘smart glasses’ will be Ray-Bans, coming next year (More)
AR on bottles
Introducing 8th Wall Curved Image Targets Augment Cans, Bottles, Cups and Other Cylindrical and Conical Shapes With WebAR More)
apple glass promo video
Apple Glass...2021 could be a revolutionary year for the tech industry... Video Credit - Ben Geskin from More)
Virtual Burning Man< (More)
virtual labs Virtual labs simulate the tools, equipment, tes (More)
Facebook Horizon
*NEW* @ForbesTech Say goodbye to the @oculus brand, and hello to More)
VirtualReality for education in health care +++++++++++ more of Rob Theriault in this IMS blog (More)
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