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Croatian police and migrants
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has documented a series of brutal pushbacks on the Bosnia-Croatian border involving dozens of asylum seekers between 12 and 16 October. (More)
golden passports (More)
Armenia and Azerbaijan
"a decades-old conflict between majority Christian Armenia and mainly Muslim Azerbaijan, with Russia calling for an immediate ceasefire and another regional power, Turkey, saying it would support Azerbaijan." More)
rescuing migrants
xenophobia explained (More)
Lesbos disaster
Refugee Crisis
Europe's war on migration by Philippe Rekacewicz, 16 October 2013 (More)
MCOM 218- Peace for Our Planet
MCOM 218- Peace for Our Planet is now available as an LEP Goal 8 (Global Perspectives) course online for Fall 2020. Dr. Roya Akhavan presents a timely course where students will explore how racism, nationalism, religious strife, gender inequality, (More)
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