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Oligopoly of Academic Publishers
The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era More)
Instructional Design and OER
+++++++++++ more on instructional design and OER in this IMS blog More)
free Chemistry online resources
Per the SCSU OER blog - More)
free Chemistry resources (More)
free ebooks audiobooks
Here are 2,780+ free ebooks and 100 free audiobooks that are sorted into lists by topic. Please feel free to share this list - stay home and s (More)
OER generated revenue
"Colleges spent about $70 per student on developing #OER, which mostly went toward paying faculty to develop the courses. Researchers estimated there was an average of $ (More)
Open-Licensed Global Storybooks
Open-Licensed Global Storybooks: From Arabic to Zulu (reference contributed by Tom Hergert) (More)
CRS to conquer the textbook business? Top Hat has challenged tangible goods f (More)
TopHat and textbook publishers (More)
free books links to sources with classics accessible and downloadable for free (More)
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