Teach in small groups

I am so happy that I had a chance to prepare my own lesson to teach in small groups in Madison. I choose to teach “HanFu” to students to help them know more about China. “HanFu”is the traditional Chinese clothing,it represents the Chinese culture. So I want to let my students know what traditional Chinese clothing looks like, and then we can design our own “Hanfu” with Paper cups together.

Prepare a lesson like a real teacher is new for me, I’ve been thinking about how to make students understand what I say, and how to teach can make them be interested in what I teach. I found a video to describe what is “HanFu”, and I found a lots of picture of all kinds of beautiful “Hanfu” to show my students. After I finish my PPT and lesson plan, I made a Paper cup “HanFu” to show my students the model.

The first time I teach is great, I choose a very good group ,every students followed my direction and we really had a great time together. They seems really like the beautiful traditional Chinese clothing, when I told them only the imperial household can wear clothing with dragon, they all wanted to design a “HanFu” with dragon, and their work are so beautiful that make me so proud. They really make me feel happy that it’s so worth to take time to prepare the lesson for them.


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