Know more about special education

These days, I followed Ms.Kinzer’s step, try to know more about American’s special education.

Ms.kinzer told me, special education usually happened at public school and special school, Some of the student with special needs at┬áprivate school will go to public school to do the small groups for couple of hours, when they’re done with small group, they’ll go back to private school. Sometimes, not every student with special needs can be successful at public school. When they decide some student really can’t be successful with small groups, they’ll suggest their parents to change their kid to special school.At special school, they’ll have more teachers, less students, it’ll be much easier for students to learn. When students make a progress at special school, they can come back to public school.

I think American’s special education is a really good system, and it really works, it help so many special students success. I think China’s special education still have so many things to learn,┬áthere is still a long way to go.

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