since most of you will not return to the D2L M6 Discussion, available here:…/e…/grade_item_edit.d2l… , I will open for discussion again this thread, since it is #important, even if #boring to understand folksonomy.
Below is the exchange between Elizabeth Scheel and Zach Raeker, and, respectively, my addition.
Elizabeth Scheel (maybe righfully) is raiding her concern about the deterioration of taxonomy by surrendering it to the folks. While it is a strong notion by our generation; a generation growing in the world of specialist, the 2005 #wikipediavsencyclopediabritannica controversy ( proved that folksonomy actually is a trend in a need to be considered.
But then Zach is asking a very legitimate questions, placing his finger on the main weakness of the new trend of folksonomy: how do we determine the best keywords, or tags, or hashtags?

Here is my reply and I urge to NOT agree with me, but share openly your thoughts and hesitations about folksonomy…

An excellent outline in SlideShare:
As per Slide 12 in that presentation: “The value in this external tagging is derived from people using their own vocabulary and adding explicit meaning which may come from meaning, inferred understanding of the information/ object. People are not so much categorizing, as providing a means to connect items (placing hooks) to provide their meaning in their own understanding.”


that can be viewed as the weakens of outsourcing taxonomy to the folks, AKA folksonomy: 1. the lack of standardization and 2. the failure to assign the correct keyword.

How one can redeem it: in Twitter terms, you seek out the “#influencers.” Those are the pundits, who, arguably, use the best hashtags in their discipline, which, in reality are the best keywords

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Authored by: Zachary Raeker
Authored on: Feb 20, 2017 11:21 AM
Subject: Tagging

Not knowing the right keywords is very critical in having an effective search on twitter or Facebook, I agree. Do you have any suggestions on how to teach people effective ways to search for keywords or even use hashtags and tagging effectively?

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Authored by: Elizabeth Scheel-Keita
Authored on: Feb 19, 2017 10:01 PM
Subject: Tagging

Folksonomy, or the taxonomy of internet sources by average people, is our new reality.

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