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August 22, 2020
by Judith Kilborn

The feed that you’re seeing on this Home page

This blog is a continuation of last year’s ENGL 191 blog that I’ll be updating this year.

I decided to keep last year’s blog going so that you’d have access to articles and social media I linked to and wrote about last year as well as some student postings of projects. I use Categories and Tags for all of my postings, so you’ll be able to see quickly what topics are covered on this blog through the Categories listed at the right.

I won’t be posting links to articles and social media as often this year as last since I’m including many of these sources on wakelets instead. You’ll see a list of these wakelets—and links to each of them—on the wakelets tab at the top of my blog.

You’re welcome to comment on my postings, but you should make your own postings for this class on your personal blog, not on this one.

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