Ali’s Experience in India, Journal Entry 4

This summer, St. Cloud State University’s College of Science & Engineering has sent two SCSU students, Ali Almanasif and  Peter Ojambo, to India. The students are completing an internship at JK Lakshmi  Cement Company. The internships were arranged through the JKLU-SCSU Internship Exchange program, a partnership between SCSU and a university in India. The partnership creates internship abroad opportunities for students from both institutions. We are tracking the students’ progress here on the COSE International Programs blog. Check back periodically to hear more about their experiences abroad.

Peter’s Experience in India, Journal Entry 4:

This is our final week here. It has been raining for the last 4 days unstoppable. Even with flood of the heavy rain, we still go to plant to continue our final section in the training process. Today, we went to see the packing plant where the fine cement is being pitched and delivered to the market. In this section, Amjad Khan (Cement Mill Mechanical Engineer) is our guide and monitor. He is really intuitive and helpful. I’ve learned a lot from him in the last two days as well as I learned so much from Pankaj Mathur (Vertical Raw Mill Mechanical Engineer) and Prahlad Kabra (Vertical Raw Mill Mechanical Engineer) in the last two weeks. I sincerely thank every one of those who helped us and guided us through out time here.

Ali 14

Ali Almanasif, Peter Ojambo, Amjad Khan, Pankaj Mathur, Bharat Gadhvi

Ali 15

Ali Almanasif, Peter Ojambo, and Amjad Khan at the tea shop



















The funniest person I’ve met since I arrived to this colony is our driver. Even with the language barrier, we still know how to communicate and laugh. Sometimes he doesn’t show up to pick us up to work and we have to walk. When I run into him later, he either tries to run away or hides somewhere. Last Friday, he made us walk in the rain to work. We arrived to Mathur’s office completely wet!

Ali 16

Ali Almanasif, Peter Ojambo, and Mukesh Gautam at Fateh Sagar Lake

Ali 17

Ali Almanasif and the driver at the Fateh Sagar Lake


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