Welcome to the COSE International Programs Blog!

Stephen-JanasieGreetings from the College of Science & Engineering (COSE) at St. Cloud State University!  My name is Stephen Janasie and I am COSE’s Experiential Learning & Outreach Coordinator.  As part of my job, I support, develop, and manage many of COSE’s education abroad opportunities.  Through this blog, I hope to share with you some of the fantastic experiences our students acquire during their studies at St. Cloud State.  In COSE, our focus is on student success.  We define student success as a successful career.  As our students participate in international internships, study abroad, and research opportunities around the globe, they acquire knowledge, skills, and experience that will prove invaluable in pursuit of that successful career.  I welcome you to come back to this site at any time to learn more about how COSE students think, do, and make a difference.  Enjoy!