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digital storytelling

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on May 4, 2013

Digital Storytelling: Get Creative with the Common Core

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  1.   Plamen Miltenoff Says:
    15 Excellent iPad Apps for Creating Books ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

  2.   Plamen Miltenoff Says:
    3 Great iPad Apps to Create Narrated Picture Stories ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

  3.   Plamen Miltenoff Says:
    Excellent iPad Apps to Create Interactive eBooks for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

  4.   Plamen Miltenoff Says:
    Visual storytelling is the most popular way to reach your fans right now, and Pinterest is the ideal place to do that. The potential to give a 360-degree view of your brand, products, customers and ethos through this inspirational and positive image-sharing site is staggering.

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    This digital novel Inanimate Alice by Kate Pullinger is one of the more interesting online storytelling sites, with some educational foundation, that I have seen. It demonstrates the value of a team in creating valuable online content. At the same time, interface ideas have progressed considerably in the past two years (since Alice went online), and created today, the online experience might be somewhat different. Nontheless, this is still very clever.


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    9 Ways to Utilize Social Media for Storytelling!

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