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Quality Matters

Ken Miller and I were talking today about the significance of Learning Objectives and Outcomes when using Course Builder in D2L.
Learning Objectives and Outcomes are the foundation of Quality Matters (http://www.qmprogram.org/). If you want to go through the QM process, please consider the Center for Continuing Studies:  http://www.stcloudstate.edu/continuingstudies/default.asp

Sue Erickstad (serickstad@stcloudstate.edu) and Mike Penrod (mrpenrod@stcloudstate.edu) can help you with information how to complete the process.

If you intend to teach online classes soon, please use the forum, where we can exchange “good practices” information.

D2L: Course Builder, Course Design Accelerator, Learning Activity Library…

Are you a user of Course Builder, Course Design Accelerator, Learning Activity Library…

Ken Miller (kwmiller@stcloudstate.edu) and I sat today as part of our Technology Week gatherings and were wondering how faculty is using these tools.

We won’t to hear other faculty how they integrate Learning Objectives and Outcomes through the process of building a D2L Course using Course Builder.

D2L Week: January 14-18

D2L Week:  January 14-18

Monday, January 14, 1-2PM

Introduction and Orientation

Tuesday, January 15, 1-2PM
Course Builder

Wednesday, January 16, 1-2PM

Thursday, January 17, 1-2PM
D2L and Pedagogy: A Practical Guide for Learning and Teaching

Friday, January 18, 1-2PM
News, LOR, Rubrics: Improved teaching and learning

Limited space; please consider registering at:  https://secure.mnsu.edu/mnscupd/login/default.asp?campusid=0073

For any questions, recommendations, suggestions, please use the following contact:

Plamen Miltenoff
320-308-3072 | pmiltenoff@stcloudstate.edu


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